Top fundraising tips

Below are our top tips to help you maximise your fundraising and help you make your fundraiser a huge success!

1. Customise your online fundraising page

Once you log in to your online fundraising page you are able to personalise it as much as you want. Upload photos and videos, post progress updates, and even thank your donors!

2. Share your story

If you’re comfortable with it, sharing your motivation for fundraising for Beyond Blue is a great way to show your donors how important mental health is to you. If you were inspired to fundraise by someone else’s experience of anxiety, depression or suicide, make sure you have their consent before you say anything.

3. Lead by example

Did you know if you make the first donation people are more likely to follow your lead and donate? Show your commitment to making a difference and donate to your own page!

4. Get the dream team together

It’s true … ‘team work makes the dream work.’ Putting together a team to help you plan your event or activity is a great way of staying on track to having everything ready by your event date.

5. Ask your community to get involved

Going out to your local businesses to ask for support can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together a few words you can use to help you. Remember to take your Authority to Fundraise letter to show that Beyond Blue has approved your fundraising activity and encourages you to seek donations from your local community.

6. Get social

If you’re promoting your event on social media, remember to tag Beyond Blue and use #beyondblue to share your event with Beyond Blue supporters across Australia.

7. Check-in with Beyond Blue

Remember that the Fundraising team is always here to help with questions, concerns, or suggestions! Give us a call on 03 9810 6100 or email us at

8. Post progress updates

Sharing updates with your donor and guests is a great way to keep people excited about your fundraiser.

9. Send a reminder

A few days before your event, post a reminder on Facebook or email your guests. This will help you gauge how many people will attend on the day so you can be prepared.

10. Say thank you

After it’s all done and dusted, the most important thing is to thank those that supported you with donations, raffle and auction items, sponsorship, volunteering, catering, flowers, and even moral support! Use your online fundraising page to post a final thank you and update everyone on your total funds raised.